Letters from Nossis in Lorci, 3rd C., BCE



          1. Homage to a Bird



Grieve at her graveside, smile and linger with Rinthon

of Syracuse... that brightest of singers, whose

voice was her own, her loves the leaves of laurels:

that modest, that smallest nightingale of the muse. 



          2. Oral Tradition



No flavour, no scent can surpass the sweetness and power of love:

I am Nossis
– and I suspect you know what I mean.

I burn for its testing taste on my tongue... more than for honey.

Lilacs of Cyprus loved by Thomas Land: rejoice

in the nectar, songs and moans and cries of your yearning flowers.

Thomas Orszag-Land is a  poet and award-winning foreign correspondent covering Eastern Europe. His poetry has been published by Message in a Bottle; and it appears in current, forthcoming or very recent issues of Acumen, Ambit, The Hungarian Quarterly, The Jewish Quarterly, The London Magazine, and Stand.


                                                                 Art Work by Derek Sellen