If all shadows disappeared, 
where would we hide our sins? 
Could we live without 
the light and dark of our deeds.
Endure life without contrast?
Night might lose several shades. 
Be less valuable to the nefarious. 
Grey of midnight does not 
sound the same and black thoughts 
cannot be brightened. 
Perhaps small dark cupboards 
would gain in value. 
Become repositories for secrets,
along with lidded tins buried 
in the ground. 
I could form a shadow-seeking agency. 
Hunt out all things concealed.
Perhaps eventually return some 
to their rightful owners.

Miki has had three poetry collections published and had work included in over 170 poetry magazines and anthologies. She has read on Radio and TV and is active on the spoken word scene in Cheltenham. Miki also ran a poetry writing group at The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury. She lived on a Narrowboat for years and began performing her poems in a bikers club in Birmingham.Miki is disabled and now lives near Tewkesbury. Gloucestershire.UK.