There has been some recent debate sparked by an article on the prevalence of free verse over rhymed poetry. It was suggested that modern poets can’t rhyme and therefore are somehow lesser poets for it.

It’s something I do feel guilty about. I can’t rhyme. When I first started writing I instinctively went towards free verse. Now it is so entrenched I can’t think of writing in any other style. I find it hard enough trying to find the right words, remember to deploy ‘show doesn’t tell’ let alone rhyming.

It may well be that if we are trained early in life it would become a more natural option after all children love listening to and writing rhyme poetry. Indeed they are most upset by free verse stating ‘its not real poetry ‘because it doesn’t rhyme.

I do suspect that most poets unlike me can rhyme and chose not to, perhaps because it is not fashionable. Some in fact occasionally rhyme in a poem which does not jar but is used to reinforce meaning.

Strangely enough when I hear or read rhyme in modern poetry it make s me jump because it is such a rare occurrence. However some fine poets rhyme so subtly that you hardly notice they are employing the device.  They are completely in control of langue and techniques.

I don’t know why exactly we switched to free verse.  I am guessing it equates to a less ordered world, reflecting the freedom and chaos of society.

I might set myself the task of trying to write a poem in rhyme that isn’t cringe worthy. Mind you I am one of the rare people who can’t discern iambic pentameter. I may well have to invest in a rhyming dictionary.