I was ambling round the internet during the week and came upon a poet new to me whose work is right up my street being quirky and unconventional. 

Her name is Margaret Griffiths. As usual I am late to the party since she died in 2009. What is so remarkable about her story is that despite being a fine poet she was reluctant to publish and when she did so it was to online venues and forums. On many occasions she used the pseudonyms ‘Maz’  or ‘Grasshopper’.  In time she developed a following in both America and the UK and went onto edit the on line magazine Poetry Worm.

After her death there was a fear that her work would simply disappear since she was published in such ephemeral media. However when Arrowhead wanted to collect her works they found that many people had valued the poems so much they had hoarded them so a collection of her verse is now available.

Her desire not to approach mainstream magazines who would surely have grabbed her work will be a mystery to most poets who crave approval by the likes of Poetry London and Magma.  I can only speculate that she didn’t need establishment approval preferring instead to share her work on forums in a sort of giant poetry slam or in the bardic tradition of reciting poems to her community.

What ever the reason, I am glad I found her during my roaming .