Autumn issue now out!!

October 6, 2015
thank god ..only took me two weeks . Still, a great read!

Summer issue out

June 10, 2015
despite lack of UK summer!
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Spring issue out

March 30, 2015
Hurrah in time for Easter....and a bumper one too!

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Stop what you are doing !!!

December 18, 2014
the Winter issue is out..the poetry fabulous ....the art work gorgeous..indulge yourselves...go on!!
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Autumn Issue

September 22, 2014
summer holiday meant that Autumn issue is late ...mind you so is Autumn...but hurrah it is out with fine poems and brilliant art work by Derek Sellen.

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Summer Issue out

July 7, 2014
a little late but here we are .....
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In which I am interviewed

June 13, 2014

Do you ever write as a form of therapy? Writing for health is way to take control of your world, and make sense of it. In a candid guest post, Fiona Sinclair offers an insight into how writing poetry has impacted on her emotional and physical wellbeing.

I have had a stop start relationship with writing.  I first began when I was twenty. I remember my excitement at being published in ‘Purple Patch’ which had just started and I received a charming letter from Geoff Stevens.  I recall too get...

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issue out

April 4, 2014
for good or ill , the Spring issue is out.  Have worked through repairing a garden and other impediments.  The issue is bumper , full of fine poets and poetry.

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Winter issue late

January 9, 2014

due to ill health, itinerancy and a store that has wrecked garden and caused damage to house but am working on dear readers and contributors!
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Autumn Issue out now

September 21, 2013
The Autumn issue is now out's gorgeous ..give it a whirl..
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