A new year’s resolution to enter competitions has me thinking about the knack of winning glittering prizes. For a start one has to send off entries. This is a bit of a stumbling block for me ….’funds is limited’ .. how on earth  do poets afford to enter once let alone multiple times ? One could spend a fortune. I suppose the art is to find the right competition for your work , affiliated perhaps to a magazine that seems to ‘like your style’ so to speak.

Then there’s the problem of most competitions only accepting unpublished work. This means that the writer has to be confident that the poems submitted are good quality. For those like me who use publication as a barometer my work’s worth its a bit tricky finding any suitable unpublished poems.

So I think this resolution much like losing weight or taking more exercise will fall by the way side . Never mind there is still the lottery which I suspect offers me better odds, To all brave poets who are gamely  entering competions …..Good Luck!