For some years I have been sending poems off to American magazines but with little success.

Recently however,  there has been a flurry of acceptance.  I am not sure what I am doing different. It may be that I have simply selected magazines who like my style.

I do think American taste is different.  Possibly slightly more conservative in their attitudes towards poetry, consequently the poet has to write poems on subject matter that is absolutely universal.

I also feel there are certain cultural differences that need to be compensated for. I tend to include everyday references such as ‘Boots’ the chemist or ‘Morecambe and Wise’ in my work so I must either consciously change these references or add a footnote at the end.

The poetry scene seems very vibrant in the USA but then it is a huge country. I particularly like the idea of the ‘PushCart ‘prize which is democratic in its selection of poems including those of both amateur and well known writers.

It is deliberately awarded to poems printed in small presses rather than the grander publications.The kudos of being nominated or indeed winning the award gives the poet’s career a fillip. It would be rather worth while having something similar in the UK.