A couple of times I have found my work bobbing up in very strange places not least a horror magazine (not a magazine publishing horrendous poetry you understand). 

It was entirely my own fault because I didn’t inspect the publication thoroughly  by reading the work and looking at the track record of the other contributors. This may make me sound like a magazine snob but I don’t care.

Don’t be fooled by a dazzling website, some of the best e-zines are the simplest allowing the poems to speak for themselves. And that’s the trick just browsing through the work even as early as the first few lines will give you an idea as to whether it’s the kind of company you want your work to keep.

Of course it works the other way. Sometimes I look at the poets, read the work and know that submitting my work would be punching well above my weight.

The trick I suppose is to be honest about your poems and then build up a number of suitable magazines that will do your work and your reputation justice.