It suddenly occurred to me that at least two magazines have not bothered to respond to my submissions despite my sending a stamped address envelope. One of them was sent at least a year ago!  So they are hardly still considering the work.  Is it bad manners or bad management? Who knows?  Either way I’d like my stamps back please.

That’s the benefit of emailed submissions and indeed on line magazines. They are far more immediate and efficient.  The turn around is much quicker.

Which brings me to the subject of rejection notes;  my etiquette is to allow at least a couple of days before I bounce the poems back.   I think this is only polite and shows I have considered the work and indeed the poet’s feelings; since we are a tender, neurotic lot where our work is concerned.  Ironically though I have had work returned with the speed of a boomerang on occasions. Still at least is it was a response.