1) Fridge For Panties

She now wears a fridge for panties,
which to be fair I bet still accentuates
the beauty in her stride. But I remember
the days when she used to wear an
oven, and how she burnt most things
due to her faulty thermostat set to max.
With my electrical training I still feel
responsible though, knowing I could have
easily cut the supply, ah....but in my defence,
I've always liked my food well done.

She once had her own angel sing for her too,
and I remember her critical words as the music
played, "You've used the word dreams again?"
And knowing through experience she
was right, I watched as the angel started
to dig, rather than rise up into the sky.

2) Queen Of Folly

I once met the Queen, the Queen of Folly,
and just like with all Queens, I could tell she
was used to getting all of her own way.
But as I'm not a royalist, I watched her dust
her mantlepiece over a log fire in the dark,
while I drank locally brewed beer and smiled.

3) Ulterior Motive

So subtle the ulterior motive,
not at all, but thought to have
been exercised. Peasant
shoes, peasant clothes, with
all their honesty, give away this
child's obvious hiding place.
But with times help always at hand,
its removal of surface beauty
reveals decays initial bloom.
Then the spell is broken,
like the lifting of the Big Top from a
clowns performance, to expose nothing
more than a tragically poor comedian
standing alone in a field. So just be patient,
be patient, and maybe the truth in some
cases, is only a few years away.

And the audacity of the pain and woe,
showed by bombers one way mirrored
mind, while scorched earth, deformed
insect, nature does best to repair.
But always the wailing of shrapnel met child,
will expose easily the sanitised actors world,
because it's well known, popcorn still has to
be sold when watching 2D battle zone.

                                                      Jefff Bell

Jeff  Bell, poet and musician, originally from South Shields in the North East of England, now living in London over  last thirty years. Has recently started writing poetry/prose and finds it a release from the restrictions of songwriting. Has had several poems recently accepted in various magazines. A sample  of his music can be heard at www.myspace.com/quangomusic http:  //www.jeffbellmusic.com