The Beach Idea

I pick up a pebble – 
its weaknesses washed by the sea


worked by the salt –

add another and then one more

till all I can carry


weary like long shadows
balance worn, in my hands. 

Back to the house, ‘home from home’ 
I take the pebbles, lay them out 

arrange them

by eye, by shape, by size, by colour

realise ‘I don’t have enough pebbles, 
one day, I should collect some more’.

I sit on my hand-made beach 
without a sea, without a salt breeze

in silence enjoy 
the ‘they’re just stones’ sorrow

biting the shadows of my thoughts
fold my hands over my knees in


a nostalgia for childhood
I watch for the turn of the tide. 

Jane R Rogers has been writing poetry for seven years. Jane is a member of the Greenwich Poetry Workshop and was a member of the Magma Poetry magazine team where she co-edited Magma Issue 65. Jane’s poems have appeared in Atrium, Prole, Ink Sweat & Tears, Long Exposure Magazine, Obsessed with Pipework, in Greenwich Poetry Workshop’s anthologies and in the Tate Gallery Website poetry anthology 2012. Jane lives in London but misses the West Country.