Un-Birthday Presents

For Aunty Jane
When it was a brother’s birthday, my aunt
would always send an un-birthday present
remembering us as an act of unloss.
Dried-out sea urchins, carved wooden pens,
Highland-baked biscuits from Spain arriving
crumbled in unopened brown packages.
I’d pop the bubble wrap, delighting in the sound
of celebrations not mine, of warm remembrances
neatly bound, full and beautifully thoughtful.
It was the finding that fascinated, memories
now enveloped as treasures ready to be reopened,
themselves unmattering just up to the point of being sent.

Jack Little (b. 1987) is a British-Mexican poet, editor and translator based in Mexico City. He is the author of 'Elsewhere' (Eyewear, 2015) and is the founding editor of The Ofi Press. He was the poet in residence at The Heinrich Böll Cottage on Achill Island in the west of Ireland in July 2016. @JLittleMexico