Changing Rooms
I`ve never been one for fussing over keeping 
my breasts covered up.
I just don`t have the 'whatever it is you need to have'
to pay heed to it. 
Yet, I did expect that after surgery, I would get a bit 
'Don`t drop the towel!'
But a lifetime of habit, or lack thereof, and it seems 
I will need to train myself to
'Please, use the changing rooms provided". 
Either that, or learn the knack of 'mindful' undressing.
I`ll need practice coordinating, which will be tricky 
considering the undiagnosed dyspraxic something
I have going on, which is just one other thing,
I am living with that they haven't found a cure for, yet. 

Jac Shortland is a Cork woman. She has been published with Hungry Hill, Into the Void, Dream Catcher, The Cannon's Mouth, The Poetry Porch, Causeway Cabhsair, Silhouette, These Fragile Lilacs, Antiphon and shortlisted for Creative Writing Ink. Her poems reflect the mind of a woman, who simply hasn't made her mind up about any of life`s mysteries and most likely never will.