As I am writing this, the robin in our garden is insistently singing its autumn song so it is clearly time for me to get the issue out. It was even more challenging to select the 10 poems that made the final cut . I am very grateful for poets submitting such great work. The verses selected make I think for varied reading. Some are philosophical such as Rizwan Akhtar's work , others such as Kitty Coles  and David Alpaugh use language to gorgeous effect. Some poems were selected for their unusual subject matter such as Ken Cumberlidge's 'With Regard to Notes', Jack Little's delightfully pleasing poem about 'Un- Birthday' presents. Some works are deeply effecting such as David PIke's poem about a disgarded piece of work that will resonate with all writers. Peter Street evokes nostalgia and how could I reject Glenn Hubbard's poem about Michelangelo that has a personal meaning to me . There is also great tenderness is Gareth Culshaw's poem. And in keeping with the season there is Chris Johnson's poem about picking blackberries.  So I hope the works give you as much pleasure reading as I did in the selection.