This is indeed an early spring issue. The garden is full of colour but it’s still cold in the UK.  In this edition I have decided on a whim to implement a featured poet. In this instance, it is Michael Estabrook whose work I have admired for years. 
Added to this I am still firmly adhering to my 10-poem rule although this time the standard was so high that I struggled. I hope I have created balance and variety with some fine new poets mixed with regular contributors. 

There is a lot of wit here especially in David Alpaugh’s poem  ‘Knock’ . There is tenderness too in Natalie Crick’s ‘Late Snow’, Shadwell Smith’s ‘30’, Mathew Wallenstein’s  CW CW MW,  and Jac Shortland’s ‘Changing Rooms’  a poem I feel  will resonate with many women.

Then there is ‘Running Mates’ a work that celebrates the animal joy of movement, ‘Stock Reply’ that deals with the social masks we don , and some magical realism in ‘Siren’, and  a nature poems celebrating the spectacle of a Murmuration. 
These are poems whose narratives and resolutions surprise so I have only hinted at their content which I hope will inspire you to read on…