The Number of the Universe 

In the beginning sky was cut from earth 
water from land; 
binary sliced out of uniary. 
Let there be a tossed coin, one and zero. 
From them destiny follows. 
From the beginning, luck is trinary: 
to come; 
you float or drown. 
Let there be thimblerig, three way chance 
the zero, the one and the coin. 
Whether sailing three ways 
or infinitary 
the number of fortune‚Äôs unknown. 
Let the dice, poly-sides for poly-choice, 
roll into binary: win or lose. 

 E. A. M. Harris has been writing for some years and several of her poems and stories have appeared in print and online magazines and anthologies. She blogs at and tweets as E A M Harris @Eah1E.