My Girl of Glass

I held her in my hand

For years-

My glass girl -

Too fragile for

Your muscled mentality,

Your jokes about


Your malevolent mockery

Digging at her most private


Your laughter splintered.

Your cruelty shattered.


And as she diminished

I could no longer keep her

In my hand,

She became sand -

This girl of glass –

A slow cascade of loss.

She fell

Fathoms and I will

Never be able to

find her




Just the shape of her remains -

A girl shape -

Pressed into my hand -

A phantom stigma


Bleeding out

Guilt and



I grasp

The dream of her

On bright, frozen days

When the sun hits the air just right,

And she glints in the sharp grass

And dances a sparkle

Upon my breath.



Donna L Greenwood lives in Lancashire, England. She writes flash fiction, short stories and poetry and you can find examples of her work in Formercactus, Anti-Heroin Chic, Occulum, The Fiction Pool, Hypnopomp magazines as well as others. She has recently won Horror Scribes’ ‘Trapped Flash’ competition and ZeroFlash’s Surreal Flash competition.  She can be contacted on Twitter @DonnaLouise67 .